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None for the behavior described above is OK.

Even though your lover does just a few of the plain things, it is still abuse. It really is never ever okay for anyone to strike you or perhaps cruel to you personally by any means.

What exactly is electronic punishment?

Digital abuse is a kind of punishment that uses technology, specially texting or social media marketing. Digital punishment is much more frequent among more youthful grownups, nonetheless it can occur to anybody who utilizes technology, such as for instance smart phones or computer systems.

Digital abuse may include:

  • Duplicated calls that are unwanted texts
  • Harassment on social networking
  • Stress to send nude or personal photos (labeled “sexting”)
  • Making use of texts or social networking to test up for you, insult you, or control who you is able to see or perhaps buddies with
  • Demanding your passwords to social networking sites and e-mail
  • Demanding which you answer straight away to texts, email messages, and telephone phone calls