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The 20 Scariest Opening Scenes in Horror Film History, Ranked

Scream your path through the essential terrifying opening scenes in horror, as voted by a still-shaking Rotten Tomatoes staff.

Those that saw John Krasinski‘s A Quiet spot previously this year amazed to listen to that the manager and their co-star and spouse, Emily Blunt, recently told Rotten Tomatoes that Jaws is the favorite film. Their brand new creature function starts with a scene that shocks audiences in many ways that echo the Spielberg film’s famous scene that is first and also goes one action further, breaking one of the primary guidelines of horror (and nope, we’re perhaps not saying which).

The scene wasn't into the screenplay that is original state co-writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods; it had been one thing Krasinski included himself within the rewrite phase. “I’ve reached provide props to John for only being a crazy individual,” claims Beck. “I think he simply actually desired, like, the opening of Jaws — let’s establish this monster appropriate out of the gate, and acquire actually, actually dark.” Woods adds: “You pull that on an audience and you also instill this instinctual fear: These characters are reasonable game, so view around every part.”