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Tinder-style Cards with NativeScript - Love at First Swipe

Anybody who understands me personally, my design aesthetic, and my tips about UI and UX understands that:

1. I love pretty colors 2. I prefer a complete lot of pretty colors all over my apps 3. I love cards 4. If there are cards with pretty colors it is рџ’°

Another fun reality about me personally is the fact that I became formerly used at a dating internet site, where we matched qualified singles…sort of like Tinder except it absolutely was more matrimonial-oriented than otherwise. Online dating sites have interesting UI challenges. It isn't surprising that the dating application should pioneer an actually revolutionary UI: swipable cards. There will be something actually satisfying both physically and emotionally in swiping right and left to prepare your love life:

The famous Tinder swipable cards program took the app shop by storm many years ago, and since then other apps have adopted this sort of sortable card. The older Jelly application and Pinterest are a few examples that are good

Since NativeScript layouts support gestures and animations, it'sn’t too much to produce this kind of swipable user interface. My first effort at creating a Tinder-style card user interface took place whenever I provided a lightning talk at Boston Ignite year that is last. The premise behind my software had been that, by searching to the 23AndMe Genetics API, you could see your perfect match according to your portion of Neanderthal DNA. Please don’t ask why i will be interested in Neanderthals, but I was thinking which they could have liked to possess their app that is dating.